Consultations are complimentary if and when you proceed to treatment – the $50 consultation fee will be taken off your treatment price on the day. If you do not proceed, the amount is not refundable. The consultation will take approximately 30 mins.

What does the consultation involve? 

During these consultations, we will discuss with you what looks and methods of cosmetic tattoo or skin treatments may be suitable for you.

We discuss shape, pigment colour, and answer questions you may have about the treatment.

We can also design and draw a brow shape for you, so you have a better idea of what cosmetically tattooed eyebrows would look like on you, and make suggestions regarding pigment colour, hair pattern and shape, and how any asymmetry may be corrected.

If you are unable to make an appointment for a consultation during business hours or are located some distance away, we offer free email and phone consultations also. No deposit is required for this.

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