Saline removal is a safer, less painful or invasive removal technique. We tattoo a highly concentrated solution into the skin which draws the pigment out externally instead of internally. This allows the pigment particles to be released from a scar rather than to be excreted through the human waste system.

Don’t put up with a tattoo that you do not love.

If you have had cosmetic tattooing or work done by another artist, we ask that you book in for a consultation first to determine asymmetry, cool correction, lightening or if complete removal is recommended.

Price varies and will be discussed at your consultation as colour correction is difficult and requires at least 2 extra treatments.

We cannot remove more than 1 square inch of tattoo on the skin per session. This is about the size of a full set of brows or a small sized tattoo.

Please note, tattoo removal is not possible if you are pregnant or nursing, have a bleeding disorder or present with any other contra-indictors.

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