All treatments within our packages are specially designed to enjoy during pregnancy, products used are completely safe, however we do recommend that body massage is withheld until the second trimester.

Pregnancy Massage | COMING SOON
Our beautifully restorative and essential relaxation massage for expectant mothers has been specially crafted to relieve common discomforts of pregnancy whilst promoting well-being of mother and baby.

Pregnancy Pedicure | Treatment Time Allow 60 mins
An indulgence for expectant mums to pamper their toes & feet – a treat to beautify the feet that become increasingly hard to reach. This is a deluxe foot maintenance tailored for pregnant mums, in our supported luxe treatment beds. This deluxe pedicure includes full nail and skin maintenance complete with a light legs massage to alleviate fluid retention. Rest assured one will float with twinkling toes out the door.

Belly Facial Pamper | Treatment Time Allow 90 mins
This treatment is designed to relax the body and mind and allows you to get the much needed rest that you’re craving with long and nurturing movements. Our Belly Facial focuses on mums growing belly to soften skin, reduce itching while growing a belly, and possibly prevent stretch marks. Using an aromatic exfoliating scrub and massage oil, this treatment will leave you grounded and ready to take on the world. Complete with a short and rejuvenating nail treatment including a nail shaping and buffing finished with a choice of polish from our selection.

Pregnancy Clinical Facial
During pregnancy your skin experiences many hormonal changes and your skin can change dramatically.  This differs from person to person. Some experience breakouts, pigmentation or even dryness. Our experienced skin therapists have a range of cosmeceutical skin treatments that are safe to be performed during pregnancy.  The actual facial will be determined in consultation with your skin consultant to specifically target your needs and concerns. This high performance, results driven treatment will be sure to leave you with that much sought after pregnancy glow.


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