Lip Blush / Ombré Lip Tattoo

A favourite for women who want their lips to appear more defined without surgery or fillers. It can also be done in conjunction with these procedures.

Whilst the Lip Blush offers lip contour, it's a subtle approach to the full lip tattoo using naturally toned pigments to blend and shade the lip. With a multitude of different pigment colours to choose from, we can tailor mix your dream lip shade, however we do recommend bringing along your favourite lippy colour so we can match.

This look lets you get away with not having to apply lipstick at all. Simply apply your favourite clear gloss or balm for added sheen.

This is a multiple-step process, a minimum of two sessions are recommended initially. We will reevaluate how your skin has received the pigment at your Perfecting Session and make any changes.  A perfecting session is required approximately 4 weeks following the initial procedure.

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Lip Liner Tattoo

Lip Liner cosmetic tattoo can add colour tone to your existing lip border. Pigment colours can be matched with your own natural lip colour or slightly darker to strengthen the border.

Thin lips can have volume added to them by receiving Lip liner Tattoo, crooked lips can be balanced out with a Lip liner tattoo. A very popular procedure, looks fabulous with your own lipstick, gorgeous with a sheer Lip Gloss or just on its own for those days you do not want to wear any makeup at all.

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